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Celebrating over 30 years,

we have worked with landowners to help preserve more than 

24,000 acres of land, on more than 135 private properties. 


Lower Shore Land Trust protects and restores natural resources, wildlife habitat and working lands to support and connect healthy and vibrant communities.

Lower Shore Land Trust is a nationally accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit, serving Somerset, Wicomico & Worcester Counties. Formed in 1990. LSLT works with individual landowners who wish to protect the natural heritage of their properties, so that the character of the land and the quality of life it nourishes remains intact for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

We assist landowners who wish to protect, in perpetuity, habitat necessary to sustain a diverse and healthy wildlife population, natural buffers that maintain water quality, and preserve scenic vistas and landscapes surrounding sites of historical and cultural importance. We wish to ensure that sufficient lands remain to support forestry and agriculture as viable industries on the Lower Eastern Shore.

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